Cultivating Creativity: Steps I Am Taking to Weed Out Writing Barriers

In the last two months, my creativity has wilted. COVID has inched its way into my world, a garden pest that latches onto one part of my life and drains energy away from the other parts. Luckily, like many things in life, I’ve found that with a little extra attention, my creativity has begun to perk back up.

Collaborative Book List (Readers Can Still Add Suggestions!)

Recently, I created a post (which you can read here) that readers could comment on and leave suggestions for books they recommend. I wanted to compile that list for both myself and for others in case any of you are seeking new titles to read. As I mentioned in the post, I often fall intoContinue reading “Collaborative Book List (Readers Can Still Add Suggestions!)”

Know a Good Book? Help Build My (and Others’) To-Be-Read List By Posting in the Comments Section

Sometimes I find that I have pigeon-holed myself into reading about particular themes and topics. I am looking for a variety of recommendations including essays, longer non-fiction, and fiction. I think it would be fun for readers to leave suggestions for books (and other works like poetry, plays, short stories, etc.) in the comments sectionContinue reading “Know a Good Book? Help Build My (and Others’) To-Be-Read List By Posting in the Comments Section”

Living a Life of Writing: Volunteering at the Local Library

If you were to ask me what influenced my interest in writing the most, I would answer without hesitation – growing up within walking distance of a public library. I lived within a block of the library for most of my childhood, and I visited it on average two or three times each week. IContinue reading “Living a Life of Writing: Volunteering at the Local Library”