The Countdown Begins: Finishing Up Last-Minute Writing Projects and (Still) Dehydrating Hiking Food

Olympic National Park via Jake Blucker on Unsplash

This three-day weekend has given me a little extra time to prepare for our camping trip. It is amazing how one extra day to ourselves leaves us so much more time for self-care and our personal lives.

I am still working on dehydrating food for our Washington trip. I am currently dehydrating orange creamsicle fruit leather and berry breakfast smoothies so that we don’t have to worry about venturing out for food while we are hiking. As Alex pointed out, our kitchen smells like a bakery since the dehydrator has been running fairly steadily for three days now, piping out berry smells at 130 degrees ’round the clock.

The recipes are taking a little longer than the instructions say (going on 15 hours for the smoothies), but I think they are going to be really good. I would definitely spread the mixture much thinner next time, as I think that is the reason they are taking longer than the recipes call for.

The “very berry smoothies” in their liquid form. Reminiscent of Ivan Ooze’s slime from the Power Rangers movie . . . but yummy.

I also made some simple granola bars with gluten free oats, coconut oil, and a few other ingredients, following this recipe. It is easy to modify, so I tried to steer away from the sugary add-ins and opted for macadamia nuts instead. The recipe also calls for butter which I’ve used in the past, but I substituted coconut oil to extend it’s “shelf” (i.e., backpack) life while we are in the damp forests of Washington State.

In terms of my writing projects, I’ve been busy trying to finish up my freelance projects this week before heading out for vacation. Last night, I submitted a 2,000 word article on the Eno River State Park in North Carolina which I had a ton of fun writing. If you’re ever in NC, it is worth spending an afternoon walking its trails. I am so happy to be working with this client, as I am able to write about hiking, animals, plants, and the fresh air as much as I want.

I’m also planning to complete three 500-word wellness posts for a client, so I will be working on those tonight to send to her. Wellness is also a topic that is near-and-dear to me, so these pieces hardly feel like work at all.

For my personal writing projects, I am still outlining my Olympic National Park pieces. I am realizing a conundrum with writing while traveling, as I normally prefer writing on my laptop since it is much easier to edit as I go.

Obviously, hauling a laptop around everywhere is not ideal when backpacking, so I’m debating bringing a notebook and pen (which can be heavy as well, even when they are on the light end) or using a writing app on my phone. The phone would be an obvious choice except we also need to conserve battery charge, so paper and pencil is most likely going to win out.

As the days creep by, I am getting more and more excited. I will keep this blog updated with more of our preparations as our departure date gets closer.

Happy Writing (and Hiking!)


Thanks for reading! As always, feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts/suggestions/advice on writing (or hiking)!

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