A Writing-Less (and Guilt-Free) Vacation

The last throes of summer are upon us, and I am writing this post on my deck, enjoying a slow Sunday afternoon. For my birthday a while back, Alex bought me a desk that he mounted against the wood railing on the deck, and now I can write comfortably outside while overlooking the soybean fields that surround the house.

It is the perfect writing spot, especially for this weather when you can still feel the warm rays of the summer sun but can also feel the cool breeze of autumn slinking in.

It is October, and the year is winding down. Alex and I just recently returned from our nine-day trip to Maine which explains my long absence from updating my blog. We took a road trip up the East Coast and had a fantastic time camping and sightseeing in the Northeastern part of the country.

Before I left on this trip, I had a grand idea that I would do tons of writing, allotting time each day at dawn and dusk to reflect on our adventures, possibly composing some poetry which would capture the beauty of “the forest primeval” (Oops! Did someone beat me to that?) or a clever essay on the art of traveling and escaping the mad rush of society.

Truth be told, none of that happened. In the course of the week and a half, I scrawled a few notes detailing some restaurants we dined in and some trails that we hiked, but other than jotting down those fragments, I did virtually no writing on my vacation.

And guess what?

It was wonderful. I was so caught up in breathing in the fresh air and spending quality time with my partner, that I let writing sneak away from me. And everything turned out okay.

I got a break from my everyday life that I have needed for several months now. I slept in and let the sun wake me up when my body felt ready (instead of rising at 4:45 AM as my schedule often requires). I went to bed early, sometimes before 9:00 PM, guilt-free. I spent several hours each day meandering around doing nothing productive, i.e., either hiking the Acadian mountains or moseying along the busy streets of Bar Harbor, dodging the tourist-driven Subaru Outbacks around every corner up there.

Gorham Mountain Summit

I found time to take a short hiatus from work (both my day job and writing) to re-connect with the things I enjoy. Alex earned a boyfriend-of-the-year award and trekked through Bangor to take a peek at Stephen King’s house, a popular tourist spot for readers. Yes, the Stephen King!

We wandered around the Big Chicken Barn (a famous book and antique shop) and browsed its collection of over 150,000 books. There, I bought the book Babel No More by Michael Erard, a book dedicated to the subject of polyglots (specifically hyperpolyglots, or people who can speak over six languages). I actually found time to read some of it on the drive home.

I also had amazing food (ate my first lobster roll) and saw seals playing in the water just off the harbor. I took a nap in the sun on a mountain summit and later got seasick on a whale-watching boat, but still enjoyed the experience.

Returning home, I have felt rejuvenated and ready to get back to writing. As restful as it was to get a mental break, I have found that I somehow have even more ideas to write about bouncing around in my mind. It is necessary to remind myself every once in a while that breaks, even from the things we love (like writing), are important for both our health and our creativity.

So with that said, I look forward to writing more posts and connecting with all of you readers and writers out there in the coming weeks!

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