Writing Exercise: The Way Home

What’s the way home?

There are so many ways I’ve taken,

Countless roads that have led me here.

Some were paved and offered no resistance,

Others were arduous and left me weak.

Some days I walked with company at my side

And many I traveled alone.

What’s the way home?

It’s there,

But it’s fleeting

Found in the breath you take in the evenings,

Realizing you’ve held it all day.

What’s the way home?

My way follows the ridgeline of the Sandias

North to South

Only to come out East,

Surprised to find myself back in the humid Appalachians after all this time.

This poem was based on a writing prompt I received from an e-mail. The prompt was to write (in extensive detail) directions on how to get to your house. I didn’t connect with the prompt when I first read it, but days later, I was driving home and randomly had a thought that led to this poem.

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